Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon is a gem. With varying slots, nooks, crannies, valleys, and peaks this is a hike you don't want to miss!


If you stayed in aforementioned affordable camping blog post BLM lands then you should make the time to hike in Little Wild Horse Canyon. If you're heading there from the BLM land zone then you go ahead and take that right hand turn onto the road that takes you to Goblin Valley State Park. From there pretty close to the entry station there is a road and a sign that indicates the way to LWC. Make another right and just keep driving. I think when I did my research it said about 11 miles out, I think it's more like 15 miles out from that state park road because it just kept going. Crossing over the hills and martian landscape you'll see a little parking lot to the right and you've reached the trailhead! Upon driving up to it be careful because it is a steep grade down to the lot.

If you're a planner like me then this will help with studying the area.

If you're a planner like me then this will help with studying the area.

Once there you'll see a couple information signs that give you all kinds of helpful information. There's also vault toilets there for people in need. Walking up the trailhead it starts off as a sandy pathway that is a relatively flat pitch. Then the fun begins at the entrance of the canyon. There is a huge gapping hole that seems like you could scramble to the right and around it. BEWARE! It's much easier to take the lefthand path and make your way down the cliff rather than risking falling in the hole (and it had rained previously so it was filled with dark murky water). 

Little Wild Horse canyon then turns into a delight of varying slot canyons. Each one we went through was different in size and there were several breaks throughout the hike where the slots opened up to large areas that were great for resting. The 7 mile hike completes the loop around through Bell Canyon, we didn't quite make it through the whole thing and stopped about 2.5 miles in to turn back. 10/10 would visit again!